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Waxing | Tinting

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Brow Wax & Tweeze.png

Brow Wax & Tweeze

Custom Brow Shape with a botanical wax that works well for all skin types. 

Followed by tweezing and trimming. Brows are nourished with a vitamin complex serum. 


Lip/Nose/Chin Wax.png

Lip upper/Lower Wax

Smooth the upper and lower lip with our gently face wax. Can be done with any facial. 


Wax Removal

Chin Wax

Chin wax to rid the face of those pesky chin hairs. 


Brow Tint.png



Coloring of the brows using a custom color.  Last up to 4 weeks.


Lash Tint.png



Using a black lash tint to color the lashes.  Last up to 4 weeks.