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AZ Skin Therapy Dermaplaning


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Highly effective form of manual exfoliation that can transform your skin. Non-invasive treatment that gently removes the top layers of dull rough skin cells and facial vellus hair. The removal of facial hairs and surface cells allow products to penetrate the skin better instead of sitting and drying on the fine hairs.  

Dermaplaning is a specific technique that is used by a trained professional using a blade. The blade is placed at an angle that provides exfoliation and smooth texture to the skin while removing the vellus hair. The hair does not grow back darker or thicker.  As the hair growth begins its cycle it will come in just as it was before the dermaplaning facial. You will notice enhanced product penetration, Smoother makeup application, Improved skin texture and minimized trapping of dirt, oils and other impurities on the skin, this leads to a reduction in breakouts 

This smoothing skin treatment includes  gentle scrub, hydrating enzyme, oil or dry dermaplaning (based on skin type) , customized mask, serums, moisturizer  and mineral sunblock. 

Price | $120

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