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Acne Program

Please fill out your Consent Forms Prior to Scheduled Appointment CLICK HERE

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As a certified Face Reality acne specialist, I have been to help and coach many clients who have suffered with acne. The program is designed to work with different types of acne with specific formulated professional skin care products. You will see results in as little as 3-6 months. Expect to spend $120-$200 on a home care kit at your first appointment. 

 Who is a good candidate?

  • You must commit and stick to a regimen in order to get clear and stay clear

  • Home care you apply twice a day 

  • Home care adjustments

  • Lifestyle adjustments foods, cosmetics, medications, pore clogging ingredients

  • No prescription topical products (Differen, Tretinoin, Clindamycin, Epiduo, etc.) for two weeks prior to appointment

  • No Accutane or equivalents for 6 months prior to your appointment 


Consultation + Treatment $130

Receive both a consultation and acne treatment during this one session. If you have already decided to go with the program this is this place to start.


Everything is included in your consultation, plus you will receive your first acne treatment. This includes, double cleanse, skin analysis, light exfoliation, light extractions, detox mask, skin test for active ingredients. ​

We will customize a home care regime and go over the Face Reality products and protocol. You will receive everything you need to follow your daily routine by email. 

Products will be available to take home day of appointment. 

Acne Treatment Follow up $99 

Only available for those who are currently on the acne program. Clinical signature treatments are important to clear acne prone skin. Your skin may experience different needs at each appointment. Your skin will be evaluated at each facial to determine if it needs more hydration or more anti-bacterial or anti-inflammatory action. 

  • Facials include LED light therapy, high frequency, enzymes and exfoliating gels, extractions and moisturizer. 

  • Will continue to discuss diet, home care, lifestyle issues that can contribute to acne

  • Photos of your skin to keep tract of your progress

  • Our goal is to get you clear help you to stay clear. 

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